Monday, September 10, 2012

Well hey there...

Well here I am back at the ol Blogzilla!!! I have been so busy since school started and that is why I have not written in here so long. Well a lot of new things in my life are pretty awesome I am pretty damn fortunate.

1) I ordered a guitar amp and a new pedal so when they get here I will finally be able to play my electric guitar which has been looking at me wondering, "what have I done? Why won't you play with me"? I will be able to please him finally. I cannot wait to start playing some rough rock and roll with mr. Andrew Izatt. I think we both need a release from our world of modern frustration.

2) I think everyone should go check out "The Graduate", with Dustin Hoffman. I think it is a good look at what young people are dealing with right now. I think many of us are feeling like we have been betrayed by the generation before us. My whole life I was told that if I work hard go to college, I will be rewarded. However that is not true because of selfish decisions no one has any money and now you graduate college and you can't get a job. Thats just not right. I don't know I may be wrong but that is how I see things. I hope things improve but who knows the future.

3) So 2 big things this semester, I joined the USU rugby team. I am telling you I have never exercised so hard before, but oh lord it is so fun. I have never really had the opportunity  to play a team sport. I love it, even with the lumps its awesome. We have a test in 2 weekends and I hope that I have improved my endurance enough to help out the team. Also in my pre nursing classes I am learning so much and and enjoying them. In my micro-biology class I am learning tons. I have to study more for that class than I ever have had to before. I really enjoy it so that makes it cool. I really like the instructor. My other classes are fun and interesting. So all in all school is great.

Well life is sweet and no complaints. Go listen to dinosaur jr. I have recently fallen in love with them. Also I really enjoy watching Stargate Universe. Way cool. Read something of James Rollins, its a wonderful adventure the whole time.

If you read this boring message thanks a ton. You are a sweetie.