Sunday, December 16, 2012

I am a book reader and you should too.

What I have been listening, reading, watching or enjoying as of late.

Billy Elliot. Watch it.
The Album Leaf and Tom Waits. Hear it.
Room and Frankenstein. Read them.

I love Frankenstein. I love that something can be written many years ago but can still impact me to this day. I think it shows the importance of stories and how they can connect us to the past and to others in different cultures. It is one reason I love literature so very much. I think it is wonderful how different people can read the same thing and get different messages. 
The monster begs Frankenstein to create a companion for him. He says how can you create me and then leave me to a world of solitude and misery. The only person who can possibly take the pain of the monster away and yet he refuses too. Though Frankenstein feels like he is doing the right thing because he is afraid that if he creates another monster the new one will be a killer and the blood will be upon his hands. Because of his fear of what might happen he condemns a creature to a life of loneliness and misery. How is that right? How is that just? 
Frankenstein ruins his own life and the life of countless others because he lets it be decided for him. I am going to try to live my life in a way that is not governed by what may or may not happen. 
I see Frankenstein as God or perhaps Parents. When the decision is made to create life the creator owes it to their creation to do everything in their power to save them from pain. I know that is a simple solution and I know I don't know anything but it is what seems fair. It would be nice if what was fair or just was obvious. It isn't. It is always confusing. Pain does not compute.  
I struggle the problem of evil. I wish it could be explained to me in a way that could make sense of it. I suppose that is one of the problems with the human experience realizing that it will be impossible to understand the why or what's of what happens. The doctor tries to understand or fix the problems that come from real life. It destroys him. 
The book is wonderful. Please read it. Enjoy it.

Blues guitar. Wyoming mountains. Anthropology classes. New Friends. Old Friends. TV No class. Happy Life.

P.S. I got to hold my nephew finally and he, just like his sister is perfect.

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